Broken Brush

Well. I don’t know how, but I broke the cap on the storage handle of my brush.


It should have taken a total of ten minutes. However, you should know by now that, when it comes to me, that would be just the amount of time it takes to get the thought through my brain.

Plus, there are all the interruptions and distractions, not to mention the tweaking that must go on!

It only took three days to get the three pieces together.

For the last twenty four hours, I had the two pieces of the cap, but was stuck on having to have all three pieces in order to fix the cap! Why did I think I needed to have the brush to glue the cap together? Perhaps, its the sane as needing closure at the end of a relationship.

At any rate, I did manage to fix the cap and then, true to form, promptly lost the entire thing! Hence, no picture of the finished product.