Photography Box

A photography box.
After locating a good box, I paint it white. Oops! I forgot two flaps and I need to make the flaps stationary.
This sheet rock tape might hold the flaps, making the box bigger.
Maybe paint will cover that.

The sheetrock tape worsens the problem and requires way way more paint. I throw out the entire project thinking there’s no way I can do this.

After returning from the dumpster, I begin cleaning my apartment and find…

Black plastic sheet.

An idea hits me. I can use the black plastic to cover the lines, paint the whole thing white and the shadows should disappear. It seems to me this line of thinking is logical and sound.

I go back out to the dumpster, removes all the parts of my project, and return to my apartment.

The black plastic sheet is resisting being glued to the box and being painted.
I don’t think this is gonna work.
As a matter of fact, that black plastic sheet is making things worse.
This painter’s tape might do the trick.
It should be smooth all the way to the edges.
I need better light.
Most of the ridges and edges are gone, but all those lines and shadows have to go.
It looks pretty good with the light.
See all the shadows and lines? I gotta get rid of those. Time for a re-do.
Is it just me or does it look smoother without all that stuff? Still, I have to remove the lines and shadows and make it white.
It needs a hole for a light source. The light can’t come from the opening of the box.
Boy Scout suggests I put poster paper in it.
Much better, but not good enough.