This is my tasks page. On this page is the list of things I need/want to do.

  • Work on 13th Place
  • Put up window shelves
  • Put up hall shelves
  • Build door shelves
  • Put up door shelves
  • Work on FTW
  • Research vintage pearl necklaces
  • Research Oriental chandelier earrings
  • Work on Rekasha’s Folly
  • Work on The Great Chasm
  • Work on Hooked On Junkies
  • Work On organizing writing
  • Organize genealogy
  • Organize household paperwork
  • Work on Rekasha’s journey
  • Work on Rekasha’s last stand
  • Work on Warrior Crone
  • Work on Warrior crone 2
  • Work on sent away
  • Work on Planetary Interphase
  • Repair earrings
  • Repair rings
  • Repair necklaces
  • Repair chains
  • Repair anklets
  • Learn how to solder