Jen Christopherson

Jen Christopherson is a person of dreams, both real and imagined. As a child she read a library, then wrote one.

Not a professional picture, but it’s pretty close to looking that way.

A Testimonial

A person of dreams, realistic and extraordinary. Her favorite hobby is to read and her passion for writing is unparalleled. Nothing can stop her when she gets an idea and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

She can be stubborn, bullheaded, and, sometimes, even, sarcastic, but there is no better person to be around when she is in a good mood.

As a child, she read a librvvary and then wrote a library.

Some may see her books as grand acts of literature, while others may not think it worth the time to read it. These are two of the many viewpoints in the world and how do you know until you read her books?

No one can please everybody and there is simply too many people to write a book tailored to each, but Jen Christopherson is one author who would try.

Josh Prugle


She had your typical dramatic childhood with the inherent alcoholic mother and absent father.

By the time she was eight, her mother had her convinced she would have to study hard to become a prostitute.

She hid in books.

She read the entire collections available to her in the school library and the city library by the time she was ten.

Then, she created creatures and worlds to occupy the voices in her head. Finally, her mother got her an electric typewriter and she began writing the stories she invented for the people in her mind.

When she was twelve, they allowed her to read fantasy books.

She was home.

She felt something. Something wasn’t missing anymore. She had never felt…


Still, all the adults in her life degraded her.

Still, the other students bullied her.

But, when she opened a book, she was someone important. Someone lovable. Someone worthwhile.

Things have not gotten better.

Now, she’s inviting you to wander along as she traverses the pitfalls when reality crashes into the corner of fear and fantasy creating chaos while unraveling her love life, pursuing self discovery, writing, and becoming responsible.