Mental Figuring

Another look inside my mind.

I think I’m gonna make these my life rules.

1st Impression

He walked through my door behind a friend of mine and vague, slippery memories twisted and dissipated before regaining a light smoky substance and twisted away like oily smoke. Impressions of long forgotten memories of wispy childhood dreams filled my mind and overran my tentative grip on reality.

Saint Mary cried, ” The devil has sent his spawn once more! Don’t acknowledge him! Your sins will be numbered and recorded! Don’t fall prey to the temptations of that devil spawn!”

Our Board Of Directors

Saint Mary is an old lady in a brown pilgrims dress holding a black Bible who only speaks in loud, judgemental tones. Her lowest volume is yelling. Hearing anything but her is nearly impossible, but somehow the preacher is always heard over her.

“Beware! Entertaining spirits, unaware!” Preacher yells.

The preacher wears black robes and holds an open Bible in front of him. He reads verses from the Bible that speak of judgements and punishment. He never has anything nice or comforting to say. His deep voice is the loudest single voice in here.

Nikki and Vikki were born at the same time, but that was where any likeness ended. Where Viki was too experienced innocence, Niki was too innocenty experience. They are our version of yin and yang.

I should introduce myself. I’m social butterfly. That’s my name. I am the one who deals with the outside most of the time. In irregular situations, one of the others takes over. Which one depends on the situation and the core personality’s response to it.

How do we navigate the world with so many people? It’s a lot like a board of directors with one who has all control. The core personality rarely notices the outside, so we normally deal with it.

Recently, she has noticed the outside and even took control a time or two. Something very bad must have happened because now she is curled up in the corner and crying inconsolably. It started the first time that strange man left.

Without knowing what happened, the rest of us are trying to do what we can to make things better for her.

Back To The Strange Man

Before I regained mastery over the present, many things had changed. I, almost, didn’t recognize the situation or any of the people around me.

“Relax!” Hissing from behind me wrapped my spine in ice.

“What have you done?” Viki turned her way too experienced innocent eyes on the shadowy form behind me.

“I remember this one. He is different than the others.”

I felt the icy air of a bitter winter blizzard wrap around my upper arm in the form of a hand demanding attention.

“He saved us growing up. He loved and protected us from the monsters of the dark while we dealt with the adult monsters.” Shark said.

Her dead, dark eyes followed the mans every move. The usual glint of predatory glee was gone.

Her black eyes seemed to be absorbing whatever light touched them. I got a sense of wanting to bring him into our mind, into our sanctuary.

“Only baby Jenner can bring people in.” Niki said. “She is the core. She makes the rules.”

Shark disappeared into the shadows like ice melting into water.

“If shark is that close to this man, we’d better keep him close.” Niki said.

Nikki was all sexuality and mystery on the outside, while Vikki was pure and wholesome on the outside. On the inside, Nikki was all about helping and healing while Vikki only wanted mayhem and blood.

By Jen Christopherson

Jenna (Jen) Christopherson is a person of dreams, realistic and extraordinary. Her favorite hobby is to read and her passion for writing is unparalleled. As a child, she read a library and then wrote a library.

"In the heart of what is good there is a storm of sinister proportion." As said by the very same.

Nothing is without balance.

Josh Prugle