Uhhh. What?!?!

It was the most romantic thing I’ve ever experienced.

Two weeks ago, I was proposed to. The next day, he acted like he couldn’t get far enough away from me. Two days ago, he leaves a note claiming that I lied to him and moved out.

Is it me or is there something else going on?

Until next time…

By Jen Christopherson

Jenna (Jen) Christopherson is a person of dreams, realistic and extraordinary. Her favorite hobby is to read and her passion for writing is unparalleled. As a child, she read a library and then wrote a library.

"In the heart of what is good there is a storm of sinister proportion." As said by the very same.

Nothing is without balance.

Josh Prugle

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Well hello how are u hope u doing good .but here lately I been out of town taking care of some stuff .any way how did the carpets turn out.anyhow I ran into some stuff down in south Texas that u would have loved to get ahold of.but hey I thought I would just check on u to see if u was ok but I got to go ok I’ll text or send u a message soon.ok love always
Jimbo aka loverboy


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