Making carpet pieces not slip

DIY non-slip rugs

I have a few carpet pieces that I lay on my floor. The problem is they slip and slide.

So, in order to keep that from happening, I have to find a way to make them non-slip.

Of course, Google knows everything and YouTube will teach it to you.So I headed off to Google and YouTube.I found the neatest thing you could ever imagine on how to fix this up.All you needed is hot glue, a hot glue gun, and some imagination!We’ll see how well it works, okay?

Until next time…

By Jen Christopherson

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24 replies on “Making carpet pieces not slip”

U are welcome oh by the way did u get carpet down to stick to the tile. I was wondering if u did send pics of it. Thank you


I wasn’t sticking them to the tile. I just don’t want them to slide around on the floor.


Did u fix carpet pieces from sliding around in kitchen I was just wondering and what did u use I would like to know from u


Yeah. So far it’s working, but some of the glue came off the carpet pieces.


U may have to put a little more than u did the first time I would try about 3 glue sticks per carpet


I’ve been too busy to implement you’re tip, so far. The best I can say is that I put it on my out of control to-do list, which I’m finally making progress on. Thanks to my new husband.


Well ok but anyhow keep googleing it I’ll find out for u .I got to go cause it ain’t right talking to u because u married that’s cheating ok so congrats .I ask could u u block me if u want.i shouldn’t even be talking to a married women .so I better go.


Hey did u ever get carpet pieces from slipping all over the floor . Let me know how it turns out. They say to use that 3m double sided tape.


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