Surprise Proposal 2

What happened during the month that makes getting handfasted possible?

Last time we ended with:

That evening, he called to see if he could come over.

I could barely speak I was so shocked.

I don’t remember every detail, so you don’t have to worry about being bored with those. LoL

What I do remember is talking him into letting me work on his fingernails.


Men around here always have rough and rugged nails. It is great from the perspective of a man because it shows he works hard.

However, from a woman’s point of view, those nails can cause pain.

I’m not sure what made me think that he needed to not hurt whatever female he spent time with, but I did.

I’m not sure exactly what I told him, but I remember telling him that I was not going to put polish on his nails it buff them so they looked like they were polished.

He finally relented and say next to me on my bed. My living room is not available for use at this point.

Anyway, I make a point of keeping cloth between his hand and my leg, where his hands needs to rest while I’m working on the nails.


When I took his hand I felt something that nearly caused me to have a panic attack. It wasn’t electrifying or hot or anything like that. It was warm and comfortable, but at the same time it was the most exciting sensation I had ever felt.

I still can’t describe it fully, but I will try to get as close as possible.

Warmth flooded my fingers along with a comfortable and safe feeling tenderness that I have never heard of. I had no idea a person’s hands could convey tenderness. I had no idea that the scent of a person’s skin could make you dizzy and lightheaded.

I knew that a person’s voice could convey many things both, true and false. His voice conveyed a huskiness I had never heard, but at the same time it seemed to be constricted and forced out of his throat. I wondered if he was having trouble talking and, if he was, why?

For better or worse

Suddenly, the sound of his voice stopped and I looked up.

I was trapped. Caught unaware by his early dawn blue eyes. I could not speak, look away, or, even, swallow.

My mind, and all those within, froze. The only thing in the world that existed were his beautiful, sparkling blue eyes.

My lungs began to burn from a lack of air. I couldn’t think of what to do to make it stop burning.

Then, he glanced away from me.

My chest expanded and air flooded into my lungs.

I remembered that breathing was a good thing.

Had to continue

When I was finished with his nails, he smiled and said they looked good, not all sissified and shit. (He didn’t use those exact words).

I laughed. I guess he thought I was gonna make his nails look like a business man nails.

You know, I just realized, I don’t remember much of the last month. Just seeing a lot of him and feeling a lightness that I’ve never felt before.

I know we have visited my mom every week. I know that he helps his mom every day. I know that my apartment is starting to look good. I’m sleeping every night, instead of having nightmares (or night memories).


My mind is quieter and less chaotic.

Still, there’s some things that are not going away any time soon.

I promise next time you will get all the details I can muster about the proposal!

It was awesome!

Until next time…

By Jen Christopherson

Jenna (Jen) Christopherson is a person of dreams, realistic and extraordinary. Her favorite hobby is to read and her passion for writing is unparalleled. As a child, she read a library and then wrote a library.

"In the heart of what is good there is a storm of sinister proportion." As said by the very same.

Nothing is without balance.

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